The Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) is the principal source of dependable and timely marine fishery statistics for Atlantic coast fisheries


For-hire Fisheries

Short description: 

The collection of for-hire modes of recreational catch statistics shall be accomplished via a combination of effort surveys, validation of effort, catch accounting via intercept surveys, and at-sea observation. Where appropriate, some segments may be evaluated as a census.



eTRIPS is a web based application that compiles catch and effort data from fishermen. Trip reports, or logbooks in some fisheries, provide catch and effort data from a permitted fishing entity (fishermen or a vessel) or a single vessel. Trips may be categorized as commercial, party/charter, or recreational.

This application allows fishermen to create trip reports after entering in the required fields in the trip, effort and catch categories. Similar to the eDR application interactive reports can be made to illustrate progress and history of catch and effort.

Beginning in 2014, commercial and for-hire captains in Rhode Island are now able to enter their trip reports using a mobile version of eTRIPS, known as eTRIPS Mobile (eTRIPS/m). This application was developed and integrated into SAFIS by ACCSP, at the request of RI DFW and the Rhode Island Party and Charter Boat Association.

eTRIPS/m captures catch and effort data from the captains. Trip reports, or logbooks in some fisheries, provide catch and effort data to the state or federal agencies and are used in fisheries management and assessments. Trips can be categorized as commercial or for-hire.

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