The Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) is the principal source of dependable and timely marine fishery statistics for Atlantic coast fisheries


Data Collection Process

All data collected under the standards are loaded into the Data Warehouse according to the format and timeline in the appropriate data module standards. Presentation of historical data, including the last completed year, is available in the Data Warehouse and is updated quarterly and as necessary to meet partner data needs. Inclusion in the Data Warehouse allows access to information by fisheries managers, scientists, fishermen, and other interested parties under the confidentiality guidelines.

SAFIS collects information from commercial and recreational fishing sectors through various applications. Since the data collected through SAFIS are real time, the data are not available in the Data Warehouse until the following year. If a harvester in South Carolina has entered a report through SAFIS in December of 2013, that information would not be available in the Data Warehouse until the Spring of 2014, when ACCSP staff uploads preliminary data from SAFIS, as well as other program partner data sets. Final data are uploaded in the fall. Preliminary data collected under the SAFIS applications are available to select partner personnel only. The ACCSP funds the collection of catch, effort, and landings data (including licensing, permit and vessel registration data); biological data; releases, discards, and protected species data; and socio-economic data. The catch and effort data (commercial and recreational) are available through the Data Warehouse. Commercial data are uploaded during the spring and the fall. Recreational data are uploaded bimonthly. The biological, bycatch, and socio-economic data are available via a custom data request.

Other Data Sets

While ACCSP funds many state data collection programs, some collection programs are done through the states. All of these data sets, if collected in accordance with minimum ACCSP standards, are incorporated into the Data Warehouse during the spring and fall uploads.

Data collection programs of the ACCSP require verification for both self-reported and observer reported data. Field sampling and observer programs require quality assurance monitoring. Partners conducting commercial, recreational, and for-hire data collection and data management develop quality control and assurance documentation.